Your Dreams Come True When You Tune into You

  • March 16, 2021

Not everyone is realistic about the work and sacrifice it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, but Christian Phyfier tells his story in our BlkBld Live conversation. If you’re starting your own business, expanding your business, or hoping to get inspired by other black business owners, this is a read for you.

Christian had some truly hard times getting started in business. But he has always brought his whole self to his work and it has paid off. I am inspired and motivated by his story, and I’m excited to share these unconventional ideas about business development with you.

“You take off all the extra. You take off the athlete, you take off the CEO, entrepreneur… You take all that off. And you realize you’re just a human being. And at the end of the day, your purpose is to literally live your life to the fullest and the best way that you can, make the smartest decisions, and vibe with the universe.”

— Christian Phyfier

About Christian

A serial entrepreneur, ex-athlete, and non-motivational-motivational-speaker, Christian is most known as the founder of Resist Entertainment Group, the sports agent corporation of his dreams. In the last decade, he’s gone from sleeping in his car and on friends’ couches to running a thriving corporation.

What stands out to me about Christian isn’t his sometimes choices to stay in business or his massive success. It’s his clear, unwavering commitment to himself, his passion, and his work. His story tells it well. Here are some of the gems I took away from our conversation.

One: Trust Yourself

“When you’re self-made and you have a dream that’s a little bit different than anything else, you have to just be willing to stick to it. You have to be able to see through it when nobody else can see it when nobody else can understand it and just keep driving. You have to be willing to take risks.”

Christian Phyfier

If you’ve been around BlkBldCo for a bit, you probably know I’m a fan of taking advantage of training and all the resources out there to make your business a success in less time and with more ease. But I have to admit Christian’s methods remind me that there are many paths to achieving our dreams. He decided to make up for his lack of experience and knowledge through perseverance and trial and error. It took time; it took serious commitment. (Get the full picture from Christian himself.) Christian was committed to himself and his methods and he’s made a huge impact. 

Two: Tune into You

The outside world has plenty to say about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, but there is no “supposed to be,” no “supposed to do.” Christian says, “Stop trying to brand yourself and ultimately tune in to just be yourself.” Pursuing an internship would have been the more traditional choice for someone looking to be a sports agent. But Christian knew it wasn’t for him — working for someone else, getting coffee and running errands when he wanted to be learning the ways of the business. 

In professional and personal settings, Christian’s committed to standing up to those arbitrary ideas about the way things should be. As he says, when it comes to how we do business, we have choices. When we remember our humanity, when we trust ourselves and our relationships, we can step into our work and make decisions about our lives with authority and confidence. We create the world we want to live in, the business that really reflects our whole selves. Everything is possible.

Three: Fake It ’Til You Make It

We all know that pursuing business in a competitive world can drain us on many layers. But there is power in your mindset, and you’ve got to put the right energy out there. Christian says when you tune into you, that’s where you find your freedom. And that freedom is your path to success. 

“Once you achieve your freedom, the money-making aspect, the life-building aspect of it starts to come so easy. Because you really care, but you don’t care at the same time… When it comes, it comes… You’re not stressing it anymore. You’re just living.”

Christian Phyfier

I feel this, yall! This is the mindset that changes everything. It’s what you’re visualizing, it’s how you see yourself, that creates the vibe you give out. And you may know I love meditation, but I appreciate Christian’s perspective too — that it can’t just be the meditative part of mindset. You’ve got to live it. Take it with you everywhere you go. Think about your vision in your down time, when you’re at the grocery store, before you sleep at night. Give gratitude for what you’ve got. And fake it ’til you make it. You’re building the energy that matches exactly what you want. You’re creating a world that sees your truth. 

If you project what you know is true — your realness, your potential, your courage — the world will see it. I can attest. Change comes a lot more quickly when we show the world we’re ready for it.

I cannot say enough about the inspiration in Christian’s story. He’s a powerful example of true success with heart behind it. He’s committed to his principles and his legacy. He knows it’s about the value, the story, the purpose, the intention behind what you’re selling, not the thing itself. Christian’s story has me thinking more clearly about how we can live our visions today while we build our businesses for tomorrow.

What the full BlkBld Live Conversation Below.