The Key to Business Growth is

Customized, Strategic Marketing.

Revolutionize Your Marketing • Connect With Your Ideal Clients • Grow and Scale Your Business

What Makes BlkBld So Different.

We Provide Customized Marketing Consultation and Strategic Business Planning for Black Owned Businesses to Grow and Scale Their Business to Enable Financial Freedom.

Create a Clear Brand Message

Create a cohesive brand story that commands attention and positions you as the go-to company for your ideal clients

Implement Brand Identity

Drive traffic to websites, social media and in all aspects of your marketing to garner new clients, referrals and ignite brand enthusiasts

Grow and Scale Your Business

Go from chasing business to being chased by business - your success helps you ignite entrepreneurialism in our community

It's Simple and Free to get Started​.

Four Steps to Ensure Your Business Grows, Again.​

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We'll discuss your goals and give you a free initial growth strategy plan you can implement right away. No credit card needed.​

Allow Us to Create You a Customized Marketing Plan

When you are ready to implement a customized strategic plan, we will do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on what you love​

Execute the Plan Together

Don't worry, we won't put together the plan and leave you, we will help you execute your new customized marketing plan​

Grow and Scale Your Business

We will teach you the tools necessary to scale your business both manually and using automated marketing tools, so your business grows in your sleep ​

Our Portfolio.

From Dream Chaser to Dream Achiever.

Idea to Reality

Brand Strategy, Search Engine Marketing Strategy, Search Optimization, Web Design

Affilate Marketing Build

Brand Strategy, Search Engine Marketing Strategy, Web Design

Personal Brand

Brand Strategy, Web Design


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The Blog.

Marketing Trends.

Learn tips, tricks and marketing trends to increase traffic to your website, and convert those website visitors into customers.​

10 Day Challenge

10 Day Social Engagement Challenge

In Gary Vee’s article “The $1.80 Instagram Strategy to Grow Your business or Brand” he walks through 3 steps he has used to grow his engagement ...


The Easiest Way to Stay Top of Mind to Past Clients

Stay top of mind with your past clients with unique gift ideas and repetition. One of the most common practices when reaching out to past clients is t...

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As a boutique marketing agency, we  work with a few clients at a time, focus on growing their brand, increasing their brand presence and thus revenue. 

Revolutionize Your Marketing • Connect With Your Ideal Clients • Grow and Scale Your Business

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