Brand Like Beyoncé

She will go down as one of the world’s greatest entertainers, fashion icons, and entrepreneurs of our time. It cannot be denied that she is one of the hardest working women in show business.  Her brand?  It is one that is simply unmatched. 

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Your Dreams Come True When You Tune into You

“You take off all the extra. You take off the athlete, you take off the CEO, entrepreneur… You take all that off. And you realize you’re just a human being. And at the end of the day, your purpose is to literally live your life to the fullest and the best way that you can, make the smartest decisions, and …

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Turn Your Passion into an Entrepreneurial Success

“You can’t tell me what can’t be done.”  – Sasha Simmons You’ve got a vision. You’ve got passion. But let’s be real. In business, talent alone isn’t enough to get you there.  Sasha knows what it takes to turn a passion into a thriving business. If you want to be successful while doing what you love, this is a read …

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Strengthen Your Business with These Six Tips

I notice how a lot of entrepreneurs start their business and think the money’s going to come, that clients are going to come falling from the sky. They’re looking for the hidden key — something to open up the next easy opportunity. And it just doesn’t happen for them. It takes work to build something real. But don’t think you’re …

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3 Simples Ways to Ensure Your Audience Misses You

Question for you, if you went ghost, would your audience miss you? Ghost as in you stopped showing up on social media, you stopped emailing your list, you stopped blogging and podcasting…would your audience miss you? If the answer is no, you are probably right. But don’t worry, you aren’t alone! We see over 5,000 ads on a daily basis…whether …

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Discovering Your Ideal Client

If you feel like your messaging is everywhere…you feel like a chicken with their head cut off… Or maybe you feel like you are speaking to an empty field…you take time to create content but when you speak (or post) no one hears you or cares… It’s not about WHAT you are marketing (or selling), it’s WHO you’re trying to …

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