Strengthen Your Business with These Six Tips

I notice how a lot of entrepreneurs start their business and think the money’s going to come, that clients are going to come falling from the sky. They’re looking for the hidden key — something to open up the next easy opportunity. And it just doesn’t happen for them. It takes work to build something real. But don’t think you’re alone in the hustle.

In this age of so much information and a ton of competition, Zach Yelder has built a smart, successful business that reflects his talent, principles, and commitment. Our IGTV conversation was all about what it really takes to make dreams come true. This real estate agent and investor has six quality tips to guide you in doing the same. Give yourself and your Black-owned business five minutes to be inspired and informed by this wisdom.

One thing I love about this entrepreneur — Zach brings his very best qualities to the conversation. He’s ambitious, clear, and committed. Here are some gems from our conversation during #BlkBldLive, a monthly series I host on Instagram showcasing black entrepreneurs’ business journeys.

1. Connect With Your Sphere of Influence

Whether you’re just getting started or well into the game, it’s essential to pay attention to who’s in your circle and make sure they know what you’re up to. Share about your skill, your knowledge, and your passion! Even if they’re not buying what you’re selling, it’s likely they know someone who is. You want to be top of mind in your networks. 

2. Put in the Work

Building your business takes work. Zach knows that only 8% of his sphere of influence and folks he talks to via social media, sales calls and networking events, become business for him. But he also knows it’s worth the work

“Business is an education itself,” he says. And it’s true. 

…the real secret to success is in your patience, endurance, and perseverance.

Zach Yelder

Don’t take your time and energy for granted. Zach says the real secret to success is in your patience, endurance, and perseverance. “The more I keep putting in, the more I keep pushing, the more I keep getting up, something’s going to click.” And he’s got suggestions for where to focus your work too…

3. Focus on Real Clients & Customers

Prioritize real connections. Grow your business with the clients who really connect with what you offer. As a professional, you probably know that focusing on real connections with your clients means that you aren’t putting time and energy into wooing and satisfying the unsatisfiable customer. Make sure that the people you’re serving aren’t running you dry, asking for everything without really committing to what it is you’re offering. In other words, watch out for clients who’re looking for Bugattis but are only offering Toyota Camry money — all money isn’t good money.

Zach’s experience as a real estate agent has made this abundantly clear: “I’ve learned to work with people that take heed to my advice and to distance myself from those who I think I might have trouble with later on, because it can make a really smooth transaction or it can make for a horrendous one.”

4. Collaborate

When building and scaling your business, collaboration is necessary. The question is who do you want to work with? Because let’s be honest, collaborations will either launch you forward towards your goals or drag you down. When building relationships, whether for business partnerships, or for event and product  collaborations, pay attention to who motivates you, who matches your drive, and who is ready to put in the work. 

In professional collaborations, the relationship is every bit as essential as the articles of organization. Zach suggests prioritizing understanding and care to ensure a strong partnership. And yes, we’re really talking about understanding and care as resources in your business development. He should know — real collaboration can take you places.

5. Keep Learning

There are so many resources out there about how to be successful in business. Find the voices that align with your interests, your values, your goals. Books, podcasts, blogs (wink wink). Then, here’s the major key: practice what you learn. Workout your entrepreneurial muscles to actually build the business and life you want for yourself. Zach and I share a mutual favorite, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, as a guide for making every move count.

6. Integrity is Everything

Build high-quality products, services, or offerings. Pay attention to the details that matter to you and your audience. Invest in yourself by creating an offering that reflects your shine. As Zach says, produce the best you, you can. That’s your signature; that’s your brand. Doing so will ensure you build a business of satisfied and loyal clients who keep coming back for more. Believe me — Zach and I are true testaments. 

It always comes back to that basic business mindset: business itself is an education. Bring that patience, endurance, and perseverance — you’ll see the impact.

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