BlkBld Live Ep. 1 Jerry Jordan, Portrait Artist

Do you have a brilliant idea you have been sleeping on?

Perhaps you started but never finished…life got in the way. Maybe YOU got in the way…

That certainly happened to me…but the other day, I decided to finally pursue a project I have been sitting on for over a year and a half.  I was moved to publish the video after our dear friend and community activist Ms. Malele passed away.

And…man it took FOREVER…my computer wasn’t cooperating, I lost a few files while putting it together which forced me to start a few sections over…photoshop wasn’t working…the list goes on….but I kept going. I was too far along, and had committed to getting it out…there was no turning back. 

But the end result…is more then I could have asked and for that I am thankful.

The series I started is called BlkBld Live – it’s a monthly series featuring and highlighting black entrepreneurs. The goal is to watch and learn from their journey and to find new products and services within our community! Although the first session isn’t live, again I shot the video over a year and a half ago, the future episodes will be live via Instagram. 

This month – meet Jerry Jordan, a local Madison Portrait Artist. Jerry’s story and success is very much tied to Ms. Malele’s desire to uplift the black community in Madison.

Join me in watching Jerry’s story and taking home some powerful nuggets to get you well on your way as a business owner.