Branding – It’s Kinda Like Working Out…

I wasn’t pleased with my weight so I finally decided to do something about it.

Although I haven’t stood on a scale, I can see my stomach has gotten lower, my face is smaller and boi, my energy is so much higher!

With time given back, thanks to COVID-19, I have focused on eating well, sleeping, and doing cardio and strength training.

What if I told you losing weight and getting fit is tied to branding?

Here’s how…

When you are ready to lose weight, you don’t go to the gym one day and BOOM you’re at your ideal weight.

Instead, it takes many different exercises, working different parts of your body, done consistently over time.

Like losing weight, you use different marketing tactics that create awareness, increase engagement, and eventually sales. When you provide valuable content, consistently, you will have your brand looking RIGHT for seasons to come 😏 (see what I did there)!

Here are some Marketing tactics to consider when getting your brand out there.

Use Social Media

consistently on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. The key here is don’t get overwhelmed. Start out on the social media platform your dream customer hangs out.

If they aren’t on Pinterest, for example, don’t waste your time building out content for that platform. You can certainly do it later, but no need to be there now.

Use Your Blog

People do business with those they know, like, and trust. By writing valuable content (they get to know you), it showcases your expertise (trust is built) and your personality (builds likability).

No one likes a faceless corporation.

What I love most about blogging? It’s YOUR website. Unlike social media platforms that belong to Zukerburge and others, your blog is YOURS! If Zuckerberg decides to turn Facebook off tomorrow, you will still have your blog.

Email your Subscribers

Write to your email list. Again, no need to make this difficult. I definitely did for a long time.

The key here is to repurpose.

Take what you wrote on your blog and summarize it in your email. Or if you had a great quote on your social media that week, expand upon the post via email.


The goal is to be where your ideal client is, when they are there, with the messages they seek and the solution they need…and to do that consistently.

In order for you to know where your dream client or ideal client hangout, to know what content they want to read, the problem they seek to solve, and so on and so forth….you have to know your ideal client intimately!

Don’t worry I got you!

I have a free ideal client road map to walk you through questions to really understand who it is you seek to serve.