You Have Exactly 7 Seconds to Grab Their Attention, Here’s How

According to the study done by Dr. K. R. Subramanian (Myth and Mystery of Shrinking Attention Span), at the turn of the century, the average attention span of humans is 12 seconds. But now, with smartphones, social media, and TV on and around us 24/7, the attention span is down to 7 seconds, a point lower than your pet goldfish!

Answer these four questions to grab your target market’s attention, keep it, and potentially gain them as a client, now and in the future.

1 – Who are you?

Be clear about who you are and who it is that you serve.

How does your business transform people’s lives? By answering this question and answering it often, it will ground you on who are, why you get up every day and your target audience may take an extra two seconds to understand you, what you do and how you’re going to help them.

Think about it, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements, the never-ending to-do lists, kids running around, work calling, etc. . If someone stops for an extra two seconds to engage with you, in whatever capacity, give them something that’s worth their time. Something of value. Something that will help them reach their ultimate desire, as related to your business.  

To ensure you have the right content to stop their scroll, take time to fully understand who your ideal client is. Doing this will ensure your content aligns with their needs and showcases the transformation they are after. Check out my free Ideal Client roadmap to get started.

2 – What do you do or offer?

Present yourself as a product or service that’s going to help your consumers survive.

It goes beyond the usual answer of “What is your business about?” Instead, take it to the next level by presenting yourself as someone who understands their problem, shows and knows the solution, or has the expertise and experience to help them solve their problem. 

Establish your business as someone who will provide valuable products or services to clients. Addressing and considering the clients’ fundamental needs will allow your business to stand out and make an instant impression.

3 – How will it make my life better?

Let your audience know how you’re going to solve their problem.

Unlike the goldfish, we as human beings can leave our tank to journey into a better life, find our dream mate and change our status symbol. Whatever we are looking to do better, whatever success or joy looks like, we have the privilege to go out and journey towards what we want.

When you show how you will make someone’s life better, you grab their attention. 

As a business owner, you should always tell your present clients, potential clients, or anyone landing on your website and social media how you will help them transform. Use photos, past client testimonials, or your own transformation story using your product,  show how you’re going to help them achieve success or how you’re going to guide them to a transformative life that they’re after. 

4 – What do I do next?

Provide the next step. 

Lastly, answer this question on all of your marketing collateral: How can I work with you? This could be telling your audience: 

  • Schedule a consultation 
    • How can customers schedule a consultation with you? This can be automated by installing a plugin on your website so you can easily set up an appointment form. You can devote a page on your site where customers can see when you’re available and pick a schedule that works for them. 
  • Download a PDF
    • You may also offer free resources to your website visitors, such as a downloadable ebook. Through this, you can share tips, advice, and other helpful information with your audience. They will definitely appreciate it and would come back to your website for more helpful tips that you offer.
  • Buy Now 
    • Make it easy for your customers to buy your product or service. Allow different modes of payment, so they have the option to choose what’s most convenient for them. What’s important here is for the customers to have less friction when selecting the product or service and paying for them.

Regardless of how you’d like to do business with your potential clients, tell them what’s next. Let your potential customers know what happens upon signing up for a consultation, buying a product or service or downloading an ebook. Will you call them, or email them information? What will be the outcome of their purchase? What transformation will occur upon completion of your service? Don’t leave them guessing, let them know what to expect. It would be frustrating for potential clients to be enticed and then not know what to do next. So instead, provide them the information they need to do business with you.

Why do you need to answer these four questions right away? First, to grab their attention, and second, to keep it.

As a business owner, present yourself as a product or service that will help people survive. You understand their problems, so offer your solutions, expertise, or experience. They will pay attention. Take the time to engage intentionally, and beautiful things will happen.

Take these few extra minutes today to make your website, social media, and marketing collateral have those four items answered. Then, when your ideal client finds you, you will be able to grab their attention that much longer and potentially get a new client.

I’m excited to see what you come up with! I would love to know what you’re before and after. Drop it in the comment or DM me. I’d love to see it!